How to use e-Mentoring platform

This is for all the parties including Manager, Mentor and Mentee.


All the necesery templates can be found in the MANAGING AND MONITORING TOOLS TO FACILITTATE E-MENTORING PROCESS” section. In this section you will find only document templates, please use them for download only, DO NOT upload filled in or/and up-date documents in that section.


To realize the importance of the above mentioned “MANAGING AND MONITORING TOOLS TO FACILITTATE E-MENTORING PROCESS”, please start with the document that is called "Management and Monitoring tools for blended Mentoring process on employment related issues". This document will give you instructions on which documents are mandatory and which are optional as well as who is responsible for filling in and uploading of those documents to the e-Platform. Uploading functionality is activated only for Manager and Mentor. All filled-in and/or updated documents related to the managing of particular mentoring group need to be uploaded under “INITIAL MENTORING AND MANAGEMENT SESSION” folder “Toolbar for managing of mentoring process, except for Monitoring related documents that need to be uploaded into “MONITORING SESSIONS OF MENTORING PROCESS” folder “Toolbar for monitoring of mentoring process.


Documents that Mentee needs to fill in will be sent to the Mentor via Forum using attachment function. Those documents that need to be signed (for example, Mentoring Contract, List of Participants etc.) have to be scanned first and then uploaded into the platform under “INITIAL MENTORING AND MANAGEMENT SESSION”.


The first step in the e-Mentoring process is the initial session of Manager, Mentor and Mentee(s) that can be face to face or using remote communication tools as well as build in CHAT function. Mentor can use CHAT for more effective communication during each session. More information can be found under section “INITIAL MENTORING AND MANAGEMENT SESSION”.


After initial session Mentor will help Mentee with developing course of action and which sessions will be used in the following meetings (“SESSIONS ON EMPLOYABILITY”, “SESSIONS ON ENTERPRENEURSHIP”, “MONITORING SESSIONS OF MENTORING PROCESS”).


All further steps are clearly defined in the document “Session Plan” which is uploaded in the “INITIAL MENTORING AND MANAGEMENT SESSION” under “Toolbar for managing of mentoring process. The Dairy of each mentoring session is filled-in by mentee and is also uploaded for the common use by the group in the “INITIAL MENTORING AND MANAGEMENT SESSION” under “Toolbar for managing of mentoring process.


You also can learn more on how to proceed with the blended mentoring on employment-related used by self-studying the training course for Manager, Mentor and Mentee.

Enjoy your Experience!

Last modified: Thursday, 19 July 2012, 11:20 PM