This session is an introduction to the entire e-Mentoring process. It is recommended to conduct this session as face-to-face meeting with participation of all 3M-Actors: Manager, Mentor and Mentees.  However in some cases the initial mentoring session could be organized by using online communication tools chosen by manager (like Skype video conference, Flash Meetings and etc.). During the initial session the the respective templates (obligatory and optional if any) are used, filled in, and placed by manager/mentor under this session as .pdf documents. These managing tools will serve as common resources for the group during the whole e-Mentoring process and are uploaded under this session only by Manager/Mentor.

Aims of this session

  • Analyse the needs of the mentees for e-Mentoring process;
  • Set mentees’ personal goals and objectives, which they want to achieve via e-Mentoring;
  • Agree on group’s goals and objectives;
  • Establish rules of communication;
  • Sign the Contract between manager, mentor and mentee(s).


Learning outcomes
This mentoring session will enable mentee to:

  • Clear up own needs for e-Mentoring process;
  • Get familiar with the participants of e-Mentoring group;
  • Set personal goals and aims, which mentee willing to achieve via e-Mentoring;
  • Negotiate and agree on common group’s goals;
  • Be aware of the rules of communication within the group of e-Mentoring;
  • Effectively participate in e-Mentoring process.


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