The monitoring of mentoring process is essential to see how it works and if there are areas in the learning process that need improvement. It is helpful for better assessment of the established goals, for supporting the needs of mentors and mentees and especially for identifying problems at the early stage. The organizing of monitoring sessions is a task of Manager. Mentee is an active participant of these monitoring sessions, which also are the part of learning process to the mentee.
For this reason the monitoring should be an on-going process. The sooner monitoring starts and feedback is gathered from the participants, the sooner the benefits will be gained for doing so. To facilitate the organizing the monitoring sessions, the manger could use the templates of the monitoring tools to fill in and to upload them under this session as a .pdf documents.
The frequency of monitoring sessions is established my Manager in cooperation with the Mentor. It could differ from one time a month to a few times during the whole e-Mentoring process. The monitoring process starts during the initial session of e-Mentoring when the goals and objectives of the mentees are set up. The final monitoring session is organised at the end of the e-Mentoring process and is dedicated to assess the effectiveness of the whole e-Mentoring process.

Aims of these sessions

  • Evaluate the effect of group mentoring process for the mentees;
  • Help find the blind-spots of the on-going e-Mentoring process;
  • Provide the recommendations of possible improvements e-Mentoring process.


Learning outcomes
These sessions will enable mentee to:

  • Evaluate the own expectations and expectations of other mentees of for the group mentoring process;
  • Evaluate his/her success towards achieving the established goals;
  • Analyse why the concrete goals have not been reached;
  • Find the blind-spots of the on-going e-Mentoring process;
  • Formulate the recommendations on how to improve e-Mentoring sessions.


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